Residential Roofing Services
in Redwater AB

At L.I.D Roofing, we are proud to call Redwater a hot spot location for our roofing services. We offer Redwater a variety of fast and reliable roofing services for all kinds of homes or buildings in the area. If you are a business or homeowner in Redwater in need of roofing services, get in touch with us today! 

New Construction

When it comes to creating quality roofing services executed in a timely manner for new construction projects, LID Roofing is the perfect choice in Redwater, AB. We know that a busy construction schedule means deadlines must be kept and top-quality work must be executed efficiently. Our team co-ordinate our duties with other contractors on any new construction project and ensure that every task we complete is done in the right order.

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Roof Replacements

We know how inconvenient a leaky or sagging roof can be! At LID Roofing, it is our job to make sure your roof stays intact and maintains its livable condition. Inevitably, however, all roofs reach a point where repairs or replacements are necessary because of leaks or perspiring. Our team will help diagnose the problem and tear off any problematic shingles. In doing so, they inspect the condition of the roof deck to prevent premature rot of the roof deck or new shingles.

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Roof Repairs

Noticing some defects in your roof that might need repairing? Whether it’s a broken shingle or a more complicated leaking issue, LID Roofing is prepared to make those painful circumstances a peaceful, stress free process. Our owner will always be on site to meticulously ensure ever repair job is completed perfectly. It is our job to ensure we maximize the lifespan of your roof without having to completely replace it. We work hard to inspect, diagnose, and notify you of any current or potential issues with your roof that we think you should plan to repair.

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Roof Cleaning / Gutter Cleaning

Let us take care of the dirty work for you! LID Roofing also provides Redwater, Alberta, with highly effective cleaning services for rooftops. Our technique allows us to maintain your roof’s cleanliness while ensuring they remain safe and environmentally friendly. By regularly cleaning your rooftop, you are preventing any build up of fungi, moss, or debris – all of which could cause irreplaceable damage if left untreated.

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Roof Snow Removal

As Canadians, we all know the types of harsh winters we can experience. Our roofs can take a beating with the buildup of snow that easily compounds over the winter months. If compact snow is left rooftops, it can cause sagging and structural damage due to its weight and water volume. This, over time, could mean your rooftop needs serious repair work or even a replacement if deemed unsafe. At LID Roofing, we help you take the precautions necessary to avoid any potential damage of your roof. We are experts at snow and ice removal and will keep an eye out for any problematic roofing concerns we may spot as we work on your roof.


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