We have faced every challenge from the top of a building, and we’re happy to take on the dirty work. So, when it’s time for a cleaning, give L.I.D. a call.

Beyond constructing high-quality rooftops, we also keep them neat and tidy. As dust, dirt and debris collect gradually, they form an environment where fungi, moss, mildew, mold and algae can prosper. While the debris and vegetation have very little effect in small quantities, they can cause serious damage – such as premature failure – when left untreated. To help your roof last as long as possible before it needs a repair, keep it clean up top. Regular maintenance is a crucial step in protecting your investment. Cleanliness is just as important for the exterior of a home as it is for the interior.

When rooftops are kept clean, they perform optimally: leading the precipitation where it needs to go without allowing unwanted vegetation to plant itself. Clean rooftops are pleasing to the eye and make homes appear more valuable. Adequate roof cleaning services are essential for maximizing the condition of your home. Having a roof full of moss isn’t just unsightly, it threatens the integrity of the building. Since shingles offer an ideal environment for moss and algae to grow, when there is an indirect source of sunlight (caused by shade from a tree or neighbouring building) moss will continue to prosper until it is dealt with. There are also health benefits to keeping a clean roof, as many common allergy irritants are among the microbial life that flourishes on filthy rooftops.

Our highly effective techniques for rooftop cleaning are safe and environmentally friendly. For homeowners with rooftops that attract moss and debris, you can save an exponential amount through regular cleanings, as the cost of a replacement is far steeper.  

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