Still at the blueprint stage? We are a punctual team and our work gets done in a timely manner. Our schedule is particularly tight when working with new developments, as we recognize how critical it is to complete work on time or ahead of schedule. Your tight deadlines are our priority. While maintaining a perfect level of quality, our professional roofers are trained to waste no time completing each task. We have built a strong reputation by remaining committed to our punctuality and meeting the timelines promised. Our estimate times are accurate as we appreciate that every minute on the jobsite is valued.


Buckled shingles? Sagging roof? Seeing daylight through the roof boards? Your roof may need to be replaced.  Replacing your roof can be a source of worry. Because of this, our owner is always on site to ensure that high quality is not compromised at any stage. At L.I.D. Roofing, we would always tear-off the old shingles as part of the roof replacement process to inspect the condition of the roof deck, preventing premature rot of the roof deck and the new shingles.

Since every roof will inevitably reach a point where it becomes unreliable (and begins leaking or perspiring), repairs are much more practical than a replacement.


A damaged roof doesn’t necessarily need to be replaced. But as aging rooftops continue to get older, they get leaky and lose the ability to insulate. The risk of mold increases as well as the amount of wasted energy. It’s no secret that a roof will last longer when it’s well taken care of, and to keep rooftops in well maintained condition, we also offer gutter cleaning services. Whether it was installed by LID roofers or another team – we want to maximize the lifespan of an investment as important as your roof. 

Although every roof will inevitably reach a point where it becomes unreliable (and begins leaking or perspiring), repairs are much more practical than a replacement. 


We have faced every challenge from the top of a building, and we’re happy to take on the dirty work.

So, when it’s time for a cleaning, give L.I.D. a call.

Beyond constructing high-quality rooftops, we also keep them neat and tidy.

As dust, dirt and debris collect gradually, they form an environment where fungi, moss, mildew, mold and algae can prosper.

While the debris and vegetation have very little effect in small quantities, they can cause serious damage – such as premature failure – when left untreated.


Unless you live in an igloo, there’s not much of a benefit to having a roof covered in snow. For those of us with regular rooftops over our heads, it’s important to keep them clear of heavy precipitation during the winter months.

As most parts of Canada deal with heavy snowfalls, our harsh winters add an extra challenge to rooftop maintenance – which is the abundance of snow and ice that covers our homes several times every year.

Unlike the snow on the ground, we can’t plow or shovel our rooftops as if they were roads or sidewalks. When a heavy amount of snow accumulates on your roof, it becomes an issue that needs to be dealt with. It is very important to remove heavy snow build-up, as it can cause roof sag and damage to trusses and other aspects of your roof structure.

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