Unless you live in an igloo, there’s not much of a benefit to having a roof covered in snow. For those of us with regular rooftops over our heads, it’s important to keep them clear of heavy precipitation during the winter months.

As most parts of Canada deal with heavy snowfalls, our harsh winters add an extra challenge to rooftop maintenance – which is the abundance of snow and ice that covers our homes several times every year.

Unlike the snow on the ground, we can’t plow or shovel our rooftops as if they were roads or sidewalks. When a heavy amount of snow accumulates on your roof, it becomes an issue that needs to be dealt with. It is very important to remove heavy snow build-up, as it can cause roof sag and damage to trusses and other aspects of your roof structure.

In the most extreme circumstances (albeit rare), rooftops can collapse from too much weight. Some older public buildings are not allowed to be occupied while snow is on the roof.

The accumulation of snow and ice on a rooftop may not seem very consequential, but the stress caused by each is a death by 1,000 cuts, as the heavy pressure compounds over the years. Too much snow can have a detrimental impact on the roof’s structural integrity in the future, which often leads to repairs that are far more costly than snow removal.

Ice is another enemy of Canadian winters. Ice accumulates on rooftop and it will disrupt the way water drains from your roof. It is just as crucial for the gutter system to function properly in the winter as it is during the warmer months.

Temperature changes are the biggest culprit of icy rooftops. When snow begins melting on a warmer-than-average day, all it takes is another freeze to create a layer of it.

Prevent this from happening after heavy snowfalls, by hiring the experts at L.I.D for your snow and ice removal.

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