A damaged roof doesn’t necessarily need to be replaced. But as aging rooftops continue to get older, they get leaky and lose the ability to insulate. The risk of mold increases as well as the amount of wasted energy. It’s no secret that a roof will last longer when it’s well taken care of, and to keep rooftops in well maintained we also offer gutter cleaning services. Whether it was installed by LID roofers or another team – we want to maximize the lifespan of an investment as important as your roof. 

Although every roof will inevitably reach a point where it becomes unreliable (and begins leaking or perspiring), repairs are much more practical than a replacement. 

If a roof does reach the point of no return and necessitates a replacement, it’s a job that requires more precision, which is why our owner be will always on site to meticulously ensure that every step of the job is completed perfectly.

Quotes are always free, and clients never find any hidden surprises on the bill. In the rare event that extra work does come about midway through the job, owner Brad McNeil will have a thorough discussion with the homeowner before moving forward.

If you notice shingles having blown away from the top of your home, it’s a good idea to address the issue sooner than later. If your ceiling is already damp or leaky, then a repair is past due.

Contact L.I.D. to discuss any concerns or curiosities about an ageing roof. We will inspect the situation, and let you know how to prevent major problems from the beginning, or how to stop preexisting issues from worsening.

For most of us, our home is the biggest investment we will ever make. But that investment can become a liability if a weathered rooftop gets neglected for too long. 

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