Buckled shingles? Sagging roof? Seeing daylight through the roof boards? Your roof may need to be replaced.  Replacing your roof can be a source of worry. Because of this, our owner is always on site to ensure that high quality is not compromised at any stage. At L.I.D. Roofing, we would always tear-off the old shingles as part of the roof replacement process to inspect the condition of the roof deck, preventing premature rot of the roof deck and the new shingles.

Since every roof will inevitably reach a point where it becomes unreliable (and begins leaking or perspiring), repairs are much more practical than a replacement.

Make an older roof like new again. Don’t wait until the middle of winter to find out that a repair was needed. Maintain the safety and security of your home before any damages become unmanageable. 

Repairs by LID professionals are completed only to the highest standard. When a roof does reach the point where a replacement is necessary, it’s a job that requires more precision, which is why our owner Brad McNeil will always be on site to meticulously ensure that every step of the job is completed perfectly.

Whether your roof needs a simple repair or a complete installation – our team of professionals have the tools and experience to ensure your home will stay warm and reliable through our most bitter Prairie winters.

Quotes are always free, and clients never find any hidden surprises on the bill. In the rare event that extra work does come about midway through the job, our owner will have a thorough discussion with the homeowner before moving forward.

One example of our work can be seen at the Thorhild County Office, where we completed a significant roofing project last year.

Count on the professionals at LID when it’s time to give your roof a facelift.

Get it done properly by the professionals from LID.

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